These days you can’t have a newsletter without at least a mention of “the virus”, so here you are: We had our first dose of the Sinovac vaccine on March 31st and the second on April 28th. Zimbabwe had been keeping a careful control of Covid-19 until January, when there was a sharp spike, but it has been reined in since then and we hope that people will continue to come forward for vaccination and will be careful and patiently follow the regulations about distancing and wearing masks and so on. So far, only about 5% of the population has had the first jab and about half of those have had their second.

Zimbabwe: From October last year to March this year we have had one of the best rainy seasons that most people can remember. Those who planted this season have had a bumper harvest. This is really good news for Zimbabwe. The majority of the population depends on a good rainy season for their food. The national economy also is heavily dependent on agriculture.

Family news: We are generally keeping well. My Mum is glad to be allowed out of the house again, now that some of the restrictions have been eased in England. Tony, Stephen and Susannah are all working in various places near Cambridge and keeping an eye on each other.

Pray for Zimbabwe: We are very thankful for the rains we have received and for the beauty of creation seen in gardens and fields. We give thanks for the opportunities to use technology to bring people together. We pray for the end of the pandemic and a return to something like normal for all those whose lives have been made difficult by lockdowns and restrictions, especially schoolchildren. We commit ourselves to learning from all the experiences of the past twelve months. We pray for an end to the extreme polarisation in national and international politics. We dedicate ourselves to see that the Methodist Church will “build back better” and that we will not just complacently go back to our old habits and routines.